My Son Is a Drug Addict. What Should I Do?

Question by : My son is a drug addict. What should I do?
Oh no, my son is seriously addicted to so many drugs that it is scary. Just yesterday, I caught him huffing glue and trying to get high off of fertilizer. He also regularly likes to go out drinking drunk and recently got fired from his job because he went to work naked while he was smoking a blunt. I am scared for him. I tried talking to him last night, but he just shut the door on me and went back to smoking meth. Oh my gosh, help me!

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Answer by AJ
drug rehab
if your lucky you might see charlie sheen

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7 Responses to My Son Is a Drug Addict. What Should I Do?

  • Josh says:

    Buy him a guitar. High people make sick music

  • kitkat says:

    Put him in rehab, a good one where he can’t check himself out. One that is longer than 30 days.

  • maxine_twinb says:

    the best thing for him is to get away from the people he hangs out with…Ground him and ground him for life. If he sneaks out still then ship him to get help at AA or boarding school or something. He will hate it and probably you but it can save him.

  • Brie says:

    Tell the police or something. Take him to drug rehab. Show him how his life can get messed up from this. Talk to him. Support him. That’s something that kids really lack in life today. He may be depressed or something. Find out what’s wrong with him. There must be something pushing him to drugs.

  • Corey Chambers says:

    put him in rehab. Or call the police because meth is a illegal substance and if it is found in your house and you have not called the cops about it then you could get in serious trouble.

  • sparklenfade2black says:

    the best treatment for an addict is tough love. they will not quit until it gets really bad for them, they have to want to stop, so if you catch him stealing or anything illegal press charges no matter how difficult this will be on u the results are worth it in the end good luck I wish you the best

  • says:

    It’s way beyond your hands now and only professionals can help him out. He needs to be in rehab and by thew way he’s acting it’s seems that the addiction has already taken a toll in his life. The best thing for you to do is to seek help so that he can be in the hands of competent and able people who can help him turn his life around. I wish you the best.

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